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Hello Wine and Cheese Lovers!

“Sweet for my sweet. Sugar for my honey”… Sweet or dessert wines have had a royal, albeit erratic, rise to fame. Historically, sweet wines were most prized because of their sublime and unique aged tastes. But the “industrialization of wines” in the 1960s and into the early 90s, really left a sour taste in the mouths of wine novices curious to this honeyed elixir. Entry level sweet wines were “manufactured”, rather than crafted and released early, which meant the refined complexity and saccharine elegance had no time to develop. Pump it in, pump it out.

Thankfully we’ve returned to more simpler times in winemaking and the crafting of “vin doux” has increased markedly as we learn so much more and take the time to realize the beautiful potential and lush pairing opportunities with these wines. Such is our sinfully good offering this month, pairing Swiss wine with gorgeous and moreish artisan Swiss cheeses. Devine and lip-smacking.

A lick of sweetness and spice

This month’s wine comes from “my local” at Terres des Lavaux in Lutry. Bringing together four members of the Pinot family in a blend of honey, peaches and cream characters, with a tease of spice. Grown on clay soils of Lavaux, this wine packs a punch but not in any way cloying or heavy. The grapes are air-dried on racks to increase their sugar content.  Fermentation is stopped before all the grape sugars have turned into alcohol, which means that the natural grape juice sugars remain, making it a sweet wine. It is then aged in new French oak barrels for a year before release.

Here’s a delicious pairing recipe.

Orpheus Vin Doux 2017

By Terres de Lavaux, Vaud

Grape: Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Noir

Wine Style:  Dominated by 40% Pinot Blanc, this “vin doux” is elegant yet bright on the palate. Not overly sweet, with the ideal amount of acidity to counter balance its sweetness

Characteristics:  Sweet candied ginger, dried raisins, honey and honey suckle notes, followed by spice, marmalade, quince, crab apple and floral notes orange blossom and tangerine.

Serving recommendation:  Icy cold, 8-10 degrees Celsius with dessert, or slightly cooler than room temperature if served with cheese.

Interesting fact:  Sweet and Late Harvest wines date back thousands of years. In fact, a Greek poem from 700 BCE mentions the virtues of a sweet wine made in Cyprus named “Commanderia”. Italy is where most sweet-style wines are now produced. Known as “passito”, there are more than 40 styles, world-famous Amarone, is just one of them.

Santé, Marc Checkley

Drink Moi

Intriguing delights and tasty stories

We had a lot of sweet fun devising and developing this delectable gourmet selection. Each of our three cheeses has an intriguing character and profile, which both enhance the wine experience and the journey of taste. When pairing food and wine, one must always find contrasting and complementary flavours to make the whole story come together. This selection has all the ingredients for a memorable gourmet moment:

A Dream to Remember

Délicatesse from Fromagerie Kern (FR) is a dreamy soft, bloomy white rind cheese made with the freshest cow’s milk that you can taste in its creamy center. Délicatesse envelopes you like a delicate dream! It is the perfect balance of tangy and creamy with a texture like velvet and notes of fresh hay.  After the first bite, you crave for more!

Characteristics :  A soft, bloomy white rind cheese, aged 9 days

Type of milk :  Cow, pasteurized

Serving suggestion :  This artisanal specialty may melt on your cheeseboard at room temperature, so give it space to breathe. Beautiful with the Orpheus dessert wine!

A Blue Day awaits

Blauer Schalkino from Käserei Camenzind (ZH) is a soft to semi-hard, blue-veined cheese made from local cow’s milk. Its complex spicy aroma and flavors are softened by the soft and creamy texture. This cheese goes perfectly with pears drizzled with honey.

Characteristics : semi-hard, blue cheese that is matured for 1 month

Type of Milk : Cow, thermized

Serving Suggestion : The Blauer Schalkino is best enjoyed after a meal with a spiced berry compote and sweet wine.

A sweet roll in the Hay

Délice de Schönried from Molkerei Schönried (BE) is a soft, ultra-creamy cheese with a milky-sweet taste.  There are hints of garden herb flavors and sweet hay. Perfect for ending a meal or before dessert.

Characteristics :  A soft cheese aged 4-6 weeks

Type of milk :  Cow, thermized

Serving suggestion :  Pair this delicious cheese with a glass of Port wine or our aromatic dessert wine.

This artisanal cheese can also be baked like a Vacherin Mont d’Or (eg. wrapped in aluminum foil with garlic cloves pushed into the top, drizzled with white wine, and then baked).

Córe by Cadesio Swiss Chocolate
Milk Chocolate with Strawberry and Meringue

Córe is made with 38% milk chocolate that is Grand Cru Single Origin.  We love the silky nature of this chocolate as it melts in your mouth.  The dried strawberries and crisp meringue give an interesting texture and crunch that contrasts the chocolatey flavors.

Here’s to Gourmet!!

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