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This November we will delve into a very small but delightful region. We are talking about one of the three primitive cantons of the former Swiss Confederation, formerly called Unterwalden and today made up of the cantons of Obwalden and Nidwalden. This month we want to bring you one of those very peculiar and little known jewels, a Blanc de Noir wine of the Cabernet Jura variety from the Tellen winery.

About the region

Despite the fact that these are very small wine regions in Central Switzerland, their wines are of great quality and very special. Although the total area of vineyards has increased in recent years, it is estimated to be only about 100 hectares. Within this central region are the cantons of Zug, Schwyz, Uri and the two semi-cantons of Obwalden and Nidwalden. The latter two have a great history in terms of viticulture and enjoy a climate suitable for viticulture as it has river slopes and is influenced by the foehn winds.

Weingut Tellen

The Tellen winery is located in the Sarneraa Valley, in the district of Kägiswil. This winery grows its three varieties in different areas: Kägiswil, Landenberg, and Kirchhofen. Under a philosophy of respect for the environment Peter and Karin Dähler Krummenacher today run this winery that produces five wine labels and a distillate that are a great example that there is no small place for big projects.

Cabernet Jura Blanc de Noir

This Blan de Noir style Cabernet Jura is a real party in your mouth. It is a pale yellow wine, with a medium-high aromatic intensity of tropical fruits and a slight sweetness. The palate has medium-high acidity with flavors of peaches, grapefruit and notes of strawberries. It is a light wine, easy to drink and of medium persistence so you can enjoy it very well as an aperitif.

Cheese and wine pairing

Our Charme has an excellent profile to be paired with Cabernet Jura; the creamy texture and herbaceous notes of this cheese come in harmony with the acidity and tropical aromas of the wine, it is a delicious blend that your palate will not forget!

The Naturzauber shows us that the most complex cheeses can also go wonderfully with white wine; its intense flavor and light smoky and nutty notes make the freshness of the wine a perfect companion. Try putting both products in your mouth and let this fusion work its magic!

Even the smallest places hold great treasures and L’Atelier du Fromage wants to share with you some of the flavors that Nidwalden and Obwalden have to offer.  Don’t miss our November Apéro Box!



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