Carefully selecting Swiss artisanal cheeses and wine

heart of our concept

A Discovery

Exploring a different Swiss canton each month

A Local Support

Linking local cheese and wine producers to #cheeselovers & #winelovers

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Delivering a monthly Box of carefully selected artisanal cheeses and wine to your door

how we started

Cheese lovers becoming the Cheese Ladies

As cheese lovers living in the Swiss Romandie, we had never tasted the artisanal cheeses of other regions of Switzerland.  What are the local specialties crafted in St-Gallen, Thurgau, or Uri, for example?  Many of these artisanal Swiss cheeses are hand-made and only sold locally, not making it to the national supermarket shelves.  It is a shame not to taste these local specialties – and so we began our adventure!

We take to the road to find the best cheeses in Switzerland

We decided to do the driving for you!  We road trip to small towns oftentimes taking winding mountain passes to meet with the cheesemakers.  After tasting their specialties, we curate a Box and share our selections with you.  Essentially, our discoveries become your discoveries in each monthly Box.

Apéro Box – the perfect pairing of Swiss artisanal cheeses and wine

Two years into our adventure, we added a new member to our family of Boxes – the Apéro Box.  Apéro Box is the perfect combination of Swiss artisanal cheeses and Swiss wine from the same canton whenever possible.  We continue to travel and discover new artisanal cheeses and now wines!

L’Atelier du Fromage is building links between local producers and cheese & wine lovers

We celebrate the traditional Swiss cheese dairies and wineries by creating a unique experience to discover Swiss artisanal cheeses and wines.

During our travels across Switzerland, we discovered that many cheese dairies and wineries are family businesses.  The recipes are guarded in secret and passed down from generation to generation.  The craftmanship is evolving and many cheesemakers are developing and perfecting new artisanal cheeses.  Cheesemaking and winemaking are time-honored traditions embedded in Swiss history, but there is also innovation and passion to develop something new.  We want to share these discoveries with you.

Shipping once per month means we ship the freshest product and it allows us to better control this precious inventory.  We take time to carefully select the artisanal cheese for our Boxes and still balance our family life.  We hope you enjoy the discoveries we bring to your door!

meet our team



I am Swiss, originally from La Lenk where my ancestors from the Netherlands came to make cheese; this is certainly why I love this product, it is in my genes !

I grew up on a farm in La Brévine, Siberia of Switzerland. Often I accompanied my father to the dairy; the smell of the milk flowing in the vats, the sound of the cowbells clanging, and the taste of Monsieur Buillard’s sweet Gruyere are remarkable memories of my childhood.

The products made in our cheese dairies are often sold locally only and / or exported abroad. A resident of Lausanne will not have had access to the famous Sybérien of my friend Cédric because it was sold locally and exported to Russia. Lhney and I are happy to make the link between this kind of producer and consumers.

I am an American expat who moved to Switzerland in the Spring of 2011, to continue my international marketing career with Johnson & Johnson, then based in Neuchâtel.  My husband and I fell in love with Switzerland – the people, the Alps, the lakes – everything convinced us to stay and start a family here.

When you arrive in a new country, you quickly learn the cultural elements that make this country unique.  I love Swiss cheeses and the importance they have in Swiss culture.  It is a magical experience to sit around the old raclette grill pouring your melted cheese over your potatoes – or turning your bread into a pot of softly simmering Gruyère fondue after a winter’s day spent in the snow.  It seems nearly every village has a cheese dairy that produces their own specialties.  I soon discovered that there were more Swiss cheeses than I could find in large supermarkets.  Johana and I have the pleasure to scout out these specialties and share them with you.

Lhney Jean STEINER



Wine Enthusiast

I am a proud Mexican wine lover. I love wines thanks to my father, he taught me the principles of wine tasting and the pleasure of discover new cellars. My first professional approach took place at University, when I did a project about wines aged in a small wine cellar.

After my studies, I had the opportunity to work in a razor manufacturing company. I had to leave the wine for a while, but when you are sure of what you really love, it is easy not to lose sight of the objective. That’s what happened to me, after six years working for Procter and Gamble in Mexico, I decided to go back to my first choice… wine.

Wine reflects a family memory in me. It is the perfect excuse to remind me that I have a purpose in life and wine is the best way to express it.

I am Albanian born in Switzerland, more precisely in Couvet, I went to primary and secondary school in Val-de-Travers for 12 years and I am now an apprentice at the Atelier du Fromage as a commercial employee for 3 years.

My hobbies are: boxing, animals, watching shows and going out with friends and family.

What makes me happy in this apprenticeship is to discover new things, new landscapes and I hope that later on it can open other doors for me.

Fjona DAKA


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