Hello Cheese and Wine Lovers!

It is a pleasure to introduce to you the new Apéro Box!

Johana and Lhney have taken you on their amazing road trip to the beautiful and sunny canton of Ticino to discover its world of artisanal cheeses.  Now it’s my turn to take you on a journey to discover the wines of Ticino.  We will also introduce you to our selected wine for our first Apéro Box!

We are so excited to welcome you to this new grand adventure!

About the wine-growing region of Ticino

Ticino has several grape varieties used to produce an array of magnificent wines, each with a different style.  We tasted several wines and decided on the emblematic Merlot Blanc was the best wine to pair with our selection of artisanal cheese for the month of September.   We cannot wait to share this discovery with you!

Terre Alte Bianco di Merlot 2019 from Gialdi

Here we have the Terre Alte Bianco di Merlot 2019 from Gialdi. This winery is located in the municipality of Mendrisio, on the road towards Lugano. The family business was founded in 1953 as a wine trade business; however, nowadays it is a company that vinifies almost a million kilograms of grapes per year!  Gialdi mainly produces wines from the Sopraceneri area. The grapes come from the lower Leventina, Riviera, and Valle di Blenio, the valley where the selected cheeses come from.  In addition, they use grapes from southern Ticino for The Bivrio wine line.

Terre Alte is a still-dry white wine, pale straw yellow in color with medium-intensity aromas of lime, green apple, white peach, and white flowers.  It has high acidity, with a taste of lime, green apple, and pear, and ends with a good length in the mouth. The wine is ready to drink as young as it is now, or it could be aged for two to three years maximum.

It is recommended as an aperitif or as an accompaniment to green salads.  It is particularly delicious with creamy, soft, and semi-soft cheeses.

About the pairing

We selected two artisanal cheeses – Formagella, a soft cheese with a creamy texture and yogurt profile, and Montagna, a semi-soft cheese with an earthy hue and buttery notes coming from proteins and fats.

Therefore, the fresh acidity from the Merlot Blanc gives us a sensation of equilibrium, cleaning the fat and proteins from the cheese without masking their flavors, and keeping the freshness in the mouth.  You have to taste it!

The Apéro Box selection for the month of September is a delicious way to discover the immensity and vivacity of Ticino’s tradition and culture of wine and artisanal cheese. Discover a piece of the Mediterranean side of Switzerland and let yourself be enchanted by the flavors of this region!


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