Apéro Box – December 2021


Let’s celebrate 2021 with the “Best Of” artisanal cheeses and wine that we discovered on our travels across Switzerland.  With our Apéro Box, we present a Merlot Bianco from Ticino and we take you to 2 cheese dairies in 2 different cantons – St-Gallen and Zug!

We hope you enjoy this Box with your friends and family this holiday season.

Wishing you safe and joyous celebrations!

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Lhney and Johana – The Cheese Ladies


“Best Of” Apéro Box for December 2021

Försterkäse Bio

Käserei Stofel

Canton: St-Gallen

Försterkäse Bio

Characteristics :  A soft cheese

Type of milk :  Cow, thermized

Tasting Notes :  Försterkäse Bio has a wooden rind wrapped around its crust which adds a smoky, woody flavor that is almost bacon-like.

Serving suggestion :  This smoky cheese goes well with a wine that is not too tannic, such as a Pinot Noir.

Walchwiler Tanne-Chäs

Chäs Hütte Rust

Canton: Zug

Walchwiler Tanne-Chäs

Characteristics :  A semi-hard cheese, aged 6 months

Type of milk :  Cow, thermized

Tasting Notes :  This cheese is unique because its rind is encrusted with wood chips from a pine tree, which gives it its distinctive woody aroma and taste.  Its texture is soft, smooth, and creamy, which balances the light pine flavor.

Serving suggestion :  The beautiful aroma and taste is perfect for the holiday season! This woody cheese is best served with a slightly sweet wine to lift up its earthiness.

Terre Alte Bianco Di Merlot 2020


Canton: Ticino

Terre Alte Bianco Di Merlot 2020

Grapes :  Merlot

Origin :  Ticino DOC Bianco di Merlot

Vintage :  2020

Wine Style :  Dry white wine, with a pale straw yellow color. Fruity finesse mingling of lime, green apple, white peach, William’s pear, and white flowers notes. It has a fresh acidity and a good length with a mineral finish.

Serving suggestion :  Fresh and fruity, but also creamy with a mineral finish. Ideal for an aperitif!  We paired this wine with the Walchwiler Tanne-Chäs with its pine-scented aroma and the Försterkäse Bio which is wrapped in wood and imparts a smokey flavor. A perfect pairing for a festive winter holiday apéro!

Box :  Apéro

Celebrating the Cheese Dairies in our “Best Of” Box!

The cheese dairies represented in this Apéro Box are from 2 cantons – St-Gallen and Zug.  Read more about our travels to these cantons in our blogs.

Käserei Stofel

Chäs Hütte Rust

Join us next month to discover the artisanal cheeses of Fribourg!

Available to order until 31 December 2021.
Delivered on Thursday, 13 January.

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