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Happy New Year!  We welcome 2022 with the artisanal cheeses from fabulous Fribourg!  Your Apéro Box takes you to 2 family-owned cheese dairies where we have carefully selected 2 house specialties for your enjoyment.  We have paired these artisanal cheeses with the aromatic Triptyque Blanc “Barrique” 2020 from Cave de la Tour.

We wish you and your loved ones a great year ahead!

Bonne dégustation !

Lhney & Johana – “The Cheese Ladies”


Apéro Box – January 2022

Featuring the Canton of Fribourg

San Antonio

Laiterie du Mouret

San Antonio

Characteristics :  A semi-hard cheese aged 12 mois

Type of milk :  Goat milk, thermized

Tasting Notes :  San Antonio has a buttery, milky taste and it is pleasantly salty.  This is not a stinky goat cheese but rather a perfect introduction to goat cheese for those who are shy about trying something new.

Serving suggestion :  A perfect artisanal cheese for apéro, especially when cut into cubes and served with a dry but fruity white wine.  A red wine will overpower the delicate notes of the goat’s milk.

Péché Mignon Nature

Fromagerie Grégoire Kern

Péché Mignon Nature

Characteristics :  A soft, bloomy white rind cheese, aged 9 days

Type of milk :  Cows’ milk pasteurized

Tasting Notes :  Péché Mignon Nature is a creamy, pleasantly pungent soft artisanal cheese that blooms in your mouth or as it warms to room temperature.

Serving suggestion :  Pair with a dry sparkling wine to bring out the earthiness and sweetness of both the cheese and the wine.

Triptyque Blanc “Barrique” 2020

Cave de la Tour

Triptyque Blanc “Barrique” 2020

Grapes :  Blend of Johanniter, Seval Blanc and Charmont

Swiss Wine Region :  AOC Vully

Vintage :  2020

Wine Style :  Medium aromatic intensity, aromas of tropical fruits: mango, pineapple, and yellow apples; notes of honey and vanilla. Medium-high acidity and medium-long persistence.

Serving suggestion :  We paired this assemblage wine with the Péché Mignon Nature and San Antonio.  The fruity notes of this wine are a perfect accompaniment to the creamy and slightly spicy profile of the Péché Mignon Nature. San Antonio with its buttery and salty notes further enhances the fruity aromas of the wine. A wonderful way to celebrate the new year!

Celebrating the Cheese Dairies of canton Fribourg!

Fromagerie Grégoire Kern

Laiterie du Mouret

Join us next month to discover the artisanal cheeses of St-Gallen!

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Delivered on Thursday, 17 February.

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