Welcome to the canton of Basel-Stadt

As we continue our quest to find beautiful artisan cheeses in Switzerland, we challenged ourselves to find cheese made and sold in Basel-Stadt.
Not only did we find it, but we’re sharing something fabulous with you!
Travel with us to the heart of Basel-Stadt and discover the hidden gem of artisanal cheese making in the heart of this great city.

Our Discoveries in Basel-Stadt

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Introduction Our Box for May 2019 celebrates the creativity of Serdar Hess, the master cheesemaker at Mylk Basel. His passion to innovate and develop new flavors is evident in each of his cheese creations. Discover the beautiful artisanal cheeses made in the heart of Basel City! Our Box for May 2019 Basler Tommli Provence Mylk ... Read more


Introduction : We didn't expect to find a cheese factory that produces artisanal cheeses from fresh milk in the heart of a city. But in Basel, one should expect the unexpected! Mylk Basel, BS Located in the Market Hall, we discovered Mylk. The first urban cheese factory in Switzerland to break the codes of cheese ... Read more

Overview of the Canton

Capital:  Aarau

Land Area:  36.95 km2

Population: 199 950 habitants (August 2018)

Admission to the Swiss Confederation: 1501 (as Basel until 1833/1999)

Language:  Swiss German

Discover Basel – Top 5 Events

It’s no wonder that a canton like Basel-Stadt is the first in Switzerland to have an urban cheese factory. The people here have an amazing and fascinating culture, and it’s a dynamic place that’s open to the unexpected.

Mark your calendars and experience the most important cultural events in Basel this year!

  • Art Basel: June 13 – 16, 2019 – The world’s largest art fair with over 300 galleries of modern and contemporary art.
  • Basel Tattoo: July 12 – 20, 2019 – Music and dance event featuring artists from around the world, including bagpipes, marching bands and dance troupes.
  • Swiss Indoors: October 19 – 27, 2019 – The nation’s largest sporting event hosting a tournament of the world’s best tennis players prior to their participation in the World Championships.
  • Fasnacht: March 2 – 4, 2020 – Basel’s carnival is an integral part of the city’s culture and is also part of UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage.
  • Basel World: April 30 – May 5, 2020 – The world’s leading trade fair for watches, jewelry and precious stones.

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