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Happy New Year!  We welcome 2022 with the artisanal cheeses from fabulous Fribourg!  Your Box Club takes you to 3 family-owned cheese dairies where we have carefully selected 4 house specialties for your enjoyment.

We wish you and your loved ones a great year ahead!

Bonne dégustation !

Lhney & Johana – “The Cheese Ladies”


Box Club – January 2022

Featuring the Canton of Fribourg

Péché Mignon Saffron

Fromagerie Grégoire Kern

Péché Mignon Saffron

Characteristics :  A soft, bloomy white rind cheese, aged 9 days, infused with locally grown saffron

Type of milk :  Cow’s milk, pasteurized

Tasting Notes :  Péché Mignon Saffron really blew our minds at the first sight and taste! It has the perfect velvety texture to lose yourself. It is balanced and floral and perfectly perfumed with saffron. If you love saffron, this specialty is made for you!

Serving suggestion :  Its vibrant yellow color is gorgeous on a cheeseboard!  Choose a wine that will not overpower the delicate saffron flavors.

Le Petit Glânois

Fromagerie de Sommentier

Le Petit Glânois

Characteristics :  A semi-hard cheese aged 2-3 months and matured with white wine

Type of milk :  Cow, raw milk

Tasting Notes : A truly famous local favorite, Le Petit Glânois is unctuous and smooth with a complex taste that comes from the maturing process that involves white wine. The exact technique is a guarded secret! We tasted notes of hay and it finishes with a touch of nuts. This cheese also has that delicious stink of a good fondue!

Serving suggestion :  A glass of white wine would complement this artisanal specialty, but it would be equally delicious melted inside a hot panini sandwich! Pass the paprika chips, please!


Characteristics :  A soft, bloomy white rind cheese, aged 9 days, infused with locally grown chives

Type of milk :  Cow, pasteurized

Tasting notes :  Délicatesse envelopes you like a delicate dream! It is the perfect balance of tangy and creamy with a texture like velvet in your mouth.  It has a round flavor with notes of fresh hay.  After your first bite, you crave for more!

Serving suggestion :  This artisanal specialty may melt on your cheeseboard at room temperature, so give it space to breathe. Beautiful with a sparkling rosé!


Laiterie du Mouret


Characteristics :  A semi-hard cheese infused with truffles, aged 4 months

Type of milk :  Cow, raw

Tasting Notes :  A sophisticated specialty with a complex, umami taste that is mild and earthy from the addition of truffles.  There is a slight tanginess that elevates the flavors and brings balance and brightness to this delightful cheese.

Serving suggestion :  Pair this exquisite cheese with a Brut Champagne with buttery, brioche notes that will complement the earthy truffles of this artisanal cheese.

Celebrating the Cheese Dairies of canton Fribourg!

Fromagerie Grégoire Kern

Laiterie du Mouret

Fromagerie de Sommentier

Join us next month to discover the artisanal cheeses of St-Gallen!

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Delivered on Thursday, 17 February.

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