Käserei Hungerbühler

Käserei Hungerbühler Canton: St-Gallen Walter and Rebecca Hungerbühler welcomed us in October in their kitchen. After a short chat, we knew part of their story! Walter, the son of a farmer, bought this cheese factory in Oberrindal 13 years ago. He started by making cow's milk cheeses, and then slowly specialized in making sheep's and ... Read more

Fromagerie Grégoire Kern

Fromagerie Grégoire Kern Canton: Fribourg Selection of the Month :  January 2022 At the end of September, a thick morning fog was waiting for us when we arrived in the town of Misery. The Fromagerie Grégoire Kern stands majestically at the entrance of this charming village of Fribourg. Grégoire Kern was happy to show us ... Read more

Käserei Kreuzstrasse

Käserei Kreuzstrasse Canton: St-Gallen The couple Stefan and Franziska Jud-Weber took over the Kreuzstrasse cheese dairy in Degersheim, in the middle of the St. Gallen countryside, 15 years ago. Since taking over, they have continued to run the cheese dairy in the old tradition and have constantly expanded the range with new ideas and products. ... Read more

Käserei Bürg

Käserei Bürg Canton:  Nidwalden Selection of the Month :  November 2021 Pirmin Döring of the Käserei Bürg is quite enthusiastic and full of humor! Five years ago, he realized his dream by taking over this cheese dairy, passionate about his job, his eyes sparkle when he talks about his specialties and his love for good ... Read more

Molki Stans

Molki Stans Canton:  Nidwalden Selection of the Month :  November 2021 We had visited the cheese factory of Sepp Barmettler some time ago and had proposed their cheese in one of our boxes. This time we returned because the owners have changed. Christian Sulzberger and Axel Dippold have taken over the cheese dairy and renamed ... Read more


Molkerei Schönried Canton: Bern Selection of the Month :  October 2021 Reto Siegriest greeted us warmly in the heart of the mountains of this magnificent region of Gstaad. We learned that the company he manages includes 52 producers from the region. He employs 28 people in total, including the store in Zweisimmen. Reto sells his ... Read more
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