Celebrating 3 years of cheese love and a new product launch!

Happy Anniversary, L’Atelier du Fromage!

September 2021 marks the 3rd year since L’Atelier du Fromage has shipped their first Box!  We celebrated in style at the Café Villa Castellane in Neuchâtel with Champagne and Swiss artisanal cheeses produced by small to mid-sized fromagers from different cantons.

A magical evening at Café Villa Castellane

The founders of Café Villa Castellane are brother and sister, Ricardo Da Silva and Julie Da Silva-Arrais.  They are epicureans at heart and they have a gift of warm and generous hospitality.  Couple this with the gorgeous and historical atmosphere of the private mansion, they bring elegance and style to Neuchâtel with their cafe serving homemade snacks, delicious coffees, and beautiful fine wines.  Upon meeting Julie and Ricardo, we knew this was the venue to host our anniversary celebration.  Thanks to these siblings, we and our guests had a fantastic and magical evening!

Tantalizing Swiss Artisanal Cheeses

We served our guests an array of unique and delicious Swiss artisanal cheeses that we discovered on our travels around Switzerland.  There were 5 different house specialties from 4 cheese dairies located in the cantons of Zurich, Vaud, and Neuchâtel.

A New Collaboration

We are very excited to embark on our new collaboration with wine educator, journalist, and sommelier, Marc Checkley from Drink Moi!  Marc and L’Atelier du Fromage have collaborated over the last year for various online events and custom Boxes for corporate clients – with rave reviews!

Why not offer a taste of what we create together with a special monthly Box?  Now launching the Gourmet Box by Drink Moi – the first edition ships November 2021!

Discover The Gourmet Box by Drink Moi!

Special gift with Pre-Orders

The Gourmet Box by Drink Moi is available to pre-order until 30 September 2021.  The first 20 Boxes will receive a special gift in their Box. Delivered on Thursday, 18 November.

From the bottom on our hearts

Thank you to all our friends and customers who have supported L’Atelier du Fromage over the past 3 years!  Our products have expanded, our team and collaborations have expanded – and we are excited about what we will achieve together in the next years!

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