Our Box for September 2020


Ferme Biologique Töira, TI

Ginepro is a unique specialty from Ferme Biologique Töira located in Olivone.  Ginepro is a semi-hard cheese made from cow’s milk and infused with juniper, as its name suggests.  The dark crust is characteristic of the Ticino region, which typically does not use salt to rub the rinds of its traditional cheeses.  Ginepro is mild and very creamy, with slightly floral notes.  The cheese is delicately perfumed with juniper needles, but it is not too strong on the palate.  This artisanal cheese was a delight to taste!

Alpe Pian Segno

Ferme Biologique Töira, TI

Alpe Pian Segno is another specialty produced by Ferme Biologique Töira.  This artisanal cheese is made from the milk produced by the cows that graze high in the Pian Segno mountain pasture. It is an alpine cheese made only during the summer months.  Alpe Pian Segno is a hard cheese that has a very buttery flavor.  It reminds us of hazelnuts toasting in melted butter.  Among its nutty flavor, there is a gentle sweetness of caramel.  This artisanal cheese is a dream to taste because it transports you to the Alps!

Formagella del Sole

Caseificio del Sole, TI

Formagella del Sole is a soft textured cheese produced by Caseificio del Sole located in Aquila.  Formagella is a typical cheese from the Ticino area.  However, this is a distinctive artisanal cheese because it is very rare for Ticino cheese dairies to make a cheese with a flowery rind. This is rather unexpected for the region!  Formagella is soft and mellow, with a taste of fresh milk.  It has a clean taste with the balanced acidity of a fine Greek yogurt.


Caseificio del Sole, TI

Montagna is another specialty of Caseificio del Sole.  It is a mountain cheese made from the milk of the cows that graze in the nearby mountains.  Montagna is mild and earthy with hints of smoke.  In tasting the terroir, there are elements of fresh butter to round out the flavors. This artisanal cheese will transport you to the mountain pastures of Ticino!

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