We traveled across Switzerland from canton Neuchâtel to Appenzellerland to search for unique cheeses only found in this region – some of them have won several Swiss Cheese Awards!

We are pleased to present to you the artisanal cheeses that we have selected for our March 2020 Box.

Our Box for March 2020

Urnäscher Edelweiss Nature

Urnäscher Käse, AR

Urnäscher Edelweiss is a soft cheese with a white, bloomy rind produced by Urnäscher Käse.  They produce several varieties including garlic, green peppercorn, paprika, herbs, and many others. Their Urnäscher Edelweiss Nature and Garlic won three Swiss Cheese Awards in 2012 and 2014.

We chose the Urnäscher Edelweiss Nature which is creamy and mild with a slightly earthy taste.  The older it gets, the more full-bodied it becomes.  This type of cheese is not typical for an Appenzell variety, so it is a real discovery!

A suggestion for serving… the longer you age the cheese in your refrigerator, the softer and more flowing it becomes.  Make sure you let it warm up at room temperature for a while to bring out its full flavor before enjoying it.

Urnäscher Holzfasskäse

Urnäscher Käse, AR

Urnäscher Holzfasskäse is a house specialty of Urnäscher Käse, which is said to be the first beer-based cheese in Switzerland.  What is a beer cheese?  Beer is added directly to the milk to make this special cheese.  Holzfass-Bier was selected because it is a full-bodied, amber beer that has been aged in wooden barrels, giving a slightly sweet oaky aroma.  It is produced by Brauerei Locher, also located in Appenzell.

We love this cheese and it’s no wonder!  It has immediately won awards since it was first produced in 2010.  This cheese has earned at least 8 prizes among the Swiss Cheese Awards, World Cheese Awards, and World Championship Cheese Contest.

Bio Senner Extra

Berg-Käserei Gais, AR

Bio Senner Extra produced by Berg-Käserei Gais is a strong and spicy but well-balanced mountain cheese made with organic Appenzeller milk.  The bold character comes from the aging process which also gives rise to its protein crystals.  It is matured for a minimum of 7 months, but it can be enjoyed up to 11 months by those who love extra-strong cheeses!

Bockshornklee Käse

Berg-Käserei Gais, AR

Another specialty of Berg-Käserei Gais is their cheese called Bockshornklee Käse.  A unique discovery because it is made with fenugreek, which is an herb and a spice. Fenugreek is used in the kitchens of the Middle East, Central Asia, and the Far East.  It can be typically found in Indian curries and flatbreads and in Moroccan dishes based on chicken and lentils. Its taste can be described as slightly nutty and sweet like maple syrup.  This is the flavor that comes across in the Bockshornklee Käse.  This idea came from one of Andreas Hinterberger’s employees, who particularly appreciates the creativity of his employees and lets them innovate.

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