We have a special surprise for our December Box!
Two wonderful cheese dairies from the canton of Obwalden, one of which is a winner of the Swiss Cheese Awards!

Our Box for December 2018

Raclette Paprika

Raclette Weisswein

Seiler Käserei, OW

Fromagerie Seiler has won several Swiss Cheese Awards for their raclette and again this year they won first prize for raclette with flavour additives. We are delighted to offer two varieties of their incredible raclette in our December Box!

Raclette Paprika 
The Raclette Paprika won the 2018 Swiss Cheese Award for best flavored raclette. The paprika, subtly scented, does not overpower the taste of the raclette.

Raclette Weisswein
Seiler Käserei has already won a Swiss Cheese Award for its white wine raclette. The wine gives the cheese a nice complexity that perfectly enhances the traditional raclette.


Windlin St. Niklausen, OW

Samiglaiser is an exclusive product of the Windlin St. Niklausen cheese dairy. It is a unique cheese made from raw milk from cows that spent the summer in the Alps. The cheese is matured in the cellar for 10 months, which gives it a firm and spicy character.


Windlin St. Niklausen, OW

Spalen is described as the younger brother of Sbrinz. It is a very old traditional cheese from the cantons of Obwalden and Nidwalden. Spalen takes its name from the wooden barrels used to transport the cheese to Italy during the Middle Ages. This Spalen from Windlin St. Niklausen has a mild aroma and a smooth texture that can be sliced very thinly into rolls.

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