We traveled throughout the canton of Zug in search of the unique artisanal cheeses from the lakes and mountains of this diverse region.  We visited Chäs Hütte Rust and Chäsladä Unterägeri where we discovered and selected the following artisanal cheeses for our February 2020 Box.

Our Box for February 2020

Walchwiler Tanne-Chäs

Chäs Hütte Rust, ZG

Walchwiler Tanne-Chäs is a very special cheese developed by André Rust from Chäs Hütte Rust.  This cheese is unique because its rind is encrusted with wood chips from a pine tree, which gives the cheese its distinctive woody aroma and taste.  Its texture is soft, smooth, and creamy which balances the light pine flavor.

The fresh milk used to make this cheese is sourced locally and comes from the Walchwil region near Lake Zug.  Each cheese receives daily attention by first being brushed to form the rind and then brushed again with the pine bark to infuse the flavor.


Chäs Hütte Rust, ZG

A semi-hard cheese with a soft and smooth texture, creamy and buttery, fragrant. It is made from raw cow’s milk; its rind is sprinkled with dried organic flowers from the surrounding mountains (cornflower and marigold). The rind with the flowers can be consumed.

This cheese can be eaten for breakfast or as an aperitif.


Chäsladä Unterägeri, ZG

Traditional fondue is often made with Gruyère or a mixture of Gruyère and Vacherin Fribourgeois.  Ägeri-Fondue is an interesting find because neither of these two cheeses is present. This fondue is a blend of artisanal cheeses made exclusively by Marzell Gwerder-Iten from Chäsladä Unterägeri

Ägeri-Fondue is made with Ägeritaler Rezent, a spicy mountain cheese named after the Ägerital region near Lake Ägerisee, Wylägerer another mountain cheese which is younger and milder than Ägeritaler., and finally Ägeri-rahmchäs which melts well and gives the fondue a rounder taste and increases its smoothness.

When preparing the Ägeri-Fondue, it is advisable to add a splash of kirsch from Canton Zug – especially as the canton is known for its cherries!

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