Our Summer Apéro Box captures the ambiance of summer.  We had a delightful and delicious time selecting the wine and artisanal appetizers perfect for warm sunny days and relaxing with friends.  We cannot wait for you to enjoy this Box!

What’s inside this beautiful Box?

A summer escapade awaits you! Our special edition Summer Apéro Box includes artisanal delights that will make summer even more enjoyable. We’ve chosen four boutique delicacies, thoughtfully paired with our sommelier-chosen bottle of vintage rosé Cava.

Celebrate summer and indulge yourself with these epicurean summer savories!

  • Suriol Bio Cava 2018 – Brut Nature Rosé Reserva from Can Suriol del Castell, Catalonia   (75cl)
  • Saucisse Sèche aux Truffes from Butcher Dänzer in canton Neuchâtel
  • Bio Potato Chips seasoned with Alp salt, grown and handmade by Famille Carrard on their farm in canton Vaud
  • Sweet Peppers stuffed with cheese from Die Käsemacher known for their famous antipasti in Austria
  • Bio Gelée de Jalapeño, grown and produced by Primerose Secret Gardens on their urban farm in canton Neuchâtel

Where’s the cheese?

You may have noticed there are no artisanal cheeses in this Box.  What?!  No cheese?!  Yes, we are trying something new to tempt you during the heat of summer.

Quality is our top priority and the summer sun is too intense to ship our precious cheeses.  It would be a shame if the artisanal cheeses turned into fondue – and not in a good way.  Cheese is a perishable product and therefore we do not ship it during the hottest months of the year – June, July, and August.

We hope you enjoy this Summer Apéro Box which is available to order until 31 May 2022 to be delivered on Thursday, 16 June.

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