Entlebucher Spezialitäten Käserei

Entlebucher Spezialitäten Käserei

Canton: Lucerne

The Klusen cheese dairy, known as Entlebucher Spezialitäten Käserei, in Schüpfheim in the canton of Lucerne produces specialties from fresh local cow’s milk. The main product is Sbrinz PDO, but Ivo Fürer and his team also produce interesting cheeses, including Frühlidörfli. This cheese takes its name from a nearby village and serves as a container for a special risotto made in the nearby Gasthaus Stütz restaurant.

We fell in love with a typical cheese of the region, the Schrattenkäse. Read more about this specialty in our selection of the month blog.

Entlebucher Spezialitäten Käserei AG
Chlusbode 12
6170 Schüpfheim

Discover the artisanal cheeses of Lucerne!

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