Welcome to the canton of Glarus

We were fascinated to explore Glarus because it is an old canton steeped in history and it was one of the eight founding cantons of the Old Swiss Confederacy.  It is located in central-Eastern Switzerland and it is surrounded by the cantons of St-Gallen, Schwyz, Uri, and Graubünden.  Its mountainous landscape lends itself to the production of milk and alpine and mountain cheeses.

Our Discoveries in Glarus

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Happy New Year, Wine and Cheese Lovers! What better way to start the year than by enjoying a delicious aperitif in the company of your loved ones! There is no winter that can resist a good cheese accompanied by a good wine. We want to help you make this season more exquisite and fill it ... Read more


Introduction : Albrecht Ryser, the founder and directorof Glarona Käsegenossenschaft, welcomed us to his premises and explained to us the importance of small cheese producers in Switzerland and his role in supporting their family businesses. Glarona Käsegenossenschaft does not make cheese, but rather purchases young artisanal cheeses from 27 different alpages (small alpine cheese dairies) ... Read more


Hello Cheese Lovers! We tasted so many delicious artisanal cheeses in the canton of Glarus that it was difficult for us to decide which ones would be selected for our Box for January 2021!  We decided on the four cheeses below, which represent the steep alpine pastures of Glarus and which showcase the alpine summer ... Read more

Overview of the Canton

Capital:  Glarus

Land Area:  685,32 km2

Population:  40 590 (December 2019)

Admission to the Swiss Confederation:  1352

Language:  Swiss German

The Green Cheese of Glarus

Schabziger Stöckli was originally formulated in 1463 and is considered the oldest branded product in Switzerland. Today it is produced by Geska and remains a popular traditional cheese made only in the canton of Glarus. It is made from skimmed and pasteurized cow’s milk (naturally fat and lactose-free) and a special herb called blue fenugreek which gives Schabziger its characteristic pale green color. It is a semi-hard cheese that is pressed into cones and then dried for 2 to 6 months. It is a very pungent and spicy cheese that is a favorite of the locals. Its flavors are so strong that it is usually grated on traditional Swiss dishes, mixed with butter and spread on bread, or used as a condiment or dip.

When we first tasted Schabziger, we didn’t know how it should be served! We did the usual and put a piece in our mouths – you should have seen our faces! We encourage you to try it grated over risotto or pasta to start!

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