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In the spirit of Earth Day on April 22, we present our gorgeous and natural artisanal Gourmet Box. This selection of cheeses, wine, and our special condiment, truly goes to the heart of our planet’s raw beauty. An amalgamation of our history, crafting a variety of foods and tastes from this distinct, rare and precious relationship. We’ve worked hard to find and pair products that are unique, hand-made, organic, and local. Limiting our carbon footprint, but maximising the experience. Because gourmet adventures shouldn’t cost the Earth.

Let’s get au naturel. Revel in our exquisite selection of uncompromising quality, referenced from Nature’s own recipe book.

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Gourmet Box – April 2022

Earth Day Edition

Klettgau Gemischter Satz 2020 (Bio)

By Markus Ruch, Schaffhausen

Grape:  Sauvignon, Muller-Thurgau and Riesling

Wine Style:  A fresh and vibrant dry wine. Bright acidity, balanced with a finish in old French Oak, providing a long, smooth finish. Unfiltered, some sediment may be present.

Characteristics:  Lush and mouth-filling with notes of tropical fruit: pineapple, banana, followed by secondary aromas of apple pie, baking spices, and mountain flowers. It has a generous approach and is built for gourmands. It has a long length powered by the natural acidity of these three classic grape varieties.

Serving recommendation: Not too cold, 10-12 degrees Celsius. Natural wines should be allowed to settle a little before opening.

Interesting fact:  Organic and Biodynamic wines are not one-in-the-same and come with their own set of rules. In essence, Organic is about what is used in the winemaking – everything must be certified organic no matter where it comes from. Whereas Biodynamic is a style, “a way of life” in winemaking. Switzerland is home to some of the highest number of certified biodynamic wine producers per-capita in the world. The season and harvest run on the lunar calendar and all ingredients, such as the grapes and the yeast, must be sourced locally. Both methods eschew chemical fertilizers and pesticides in favour of a more holistic approach that emphasizes soil health.

Schaf Chäsli Bio

Käserei Stofel (SG)

Characteristics :  A soft, bloomy white rind cheese aged 2 to 4 weeks

Type of Milk :  Ewe’s milk from the Toggenburg mountains, pasteurized, bio

Tasting Notes :  This ultra-creamy cheese is made with ewe’s milk which graze near the cheese dairy that is located between the Churfirsten and Alpstein mountain ranges near the river Thur at 900 meters above sea-level, which offers a unique terroir for the milk produced here.  There is an aromatic quality, that enhances its mild yet creamy taste.

Serving Suggestion :  This cheese is lovely with crust bread and spicy ginger preserves.  The chutney in the Box is the perfect accompaniment!

Mythen Büffel Bio

Küssnachter Dorfkäserei (SZ)

Characteristics :  A semi-hard cheese aged 2 months

Type of Milk :  Fresh organic water buffalo milk sourced from a local farm

Tasting Notes :  Rich and buttery, while balanced with a slight tanginess that leaves you wanting more!  It is made with fresh cream to enhance its richness.

You will notice the color of the cheese is pure white.  This is because buffalo milk has a higher amount of Vitamin A, compared to cow’s milk, which has more yellow tones.  Buffalo milk is also higher in calcium and protein than cow’s milk.

Serving Suggestion :  Its sweet taste deserves a light wine so as not to dominate
its delicate nature.

Toggenburger Blumenkäse Bio

Käserei Stofel (SG)

Characteristics :  A semi-hard cheese aged 3 to 9 months

Type of Milk :  Raw cow’s milk from the Toggenburg region

Tasting Notes :  The cheese is enrobed with Toggenburg hay flowers.  It has natural flavors of hay mingling with floral notes. It finishes with a little tanginess on the back of the palate.  We love how our wine selection gives the cheese a caramel sweetness that is delightfully unexpected!

Serving Suggestion :  This cheese can be enjoyed as an aperitif or to finish a meal.

Chutney de Prunes

Primrose Secret Garden (NE)

Chutney de Prunes from Primrose Secret Garden (bio)
This moreish chutney is made by Primrose Secret Garden, a bio-certified urban farm in Neuchâtel city center. Made with only the freshest garden fruits and vegetables. A surprise of cranberries brightens the rich flavors of the plums while cumin and mustard add a warm lick of spice.  Delicious with cheese, patés, and Swedish meat (or veggie) balls!

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