GOURMET BOX – January 2022 – The Unusual Suspects


And get ready! We are surprising you with a private online tasting event just for you!  Sommelier and Wine Educator, Marc Checkley, will be joined by Jaime S. McCulloch of McCulloch Wines to take you on a tasting tour of White Magic and the Swiss artisanal cheeses presented in this edition of the Gourmet Box – The Unusual Suspects.

Jaime is a Scottish winemaker perfecting his craft in the heart of Valais making Swiss alpine wines. He passionately launched his “Magic” series in 2011 with Black Magic, then he subsequently produced the alluring White Magic followed by his blush-colored Pink Magic.

Join us for an unforgettable, exclusive experience only available to Gourmet Box customers on Thursday, 13 January at 19h00 on Zoom and meet Jaime and Marc!

Private Online Event – The Unusual Suspects

Topic: Marc and Jamie unbox the January Gourmet Box

Time: Jan 13, 2022 at 19:00 Zurich

Join Zoom Meeting:


Meeting ID: 848 0923 7322

Passcode: 539573

Busy that night?  No worries!  We will record the event and post it on this private website. (Save this page!)

Zoom Event Link for the Online Event

Wishing you a bright and happy New Year – filled with fabulous cheeses and wine, of course!

Marc, Lhney, and Johana


Gourmet Box – January 2022

The Unusual Suspects Edition

White Magic 2018 By McCulloch Wines

White Magic 20218

Grapes :  Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc, Marsanne Blanche

Wine Style :  Medium dry with expressive and complex aromas. A warm, balanced finish.

Characteristics :  Pineapple, exotic fruits, coconut and butter, hints of white pepper and nutmeg

Serving recommendation :  10-12 degrees Celsius. Open 10 mins before serving.

Interesting Fact :  Two decades ago, Pinot Blanc was losing favour with a number of European winemakers due to fungal disease. But climate change has given it a new lease on life, becoming popular again in many regions.

Caramel Gruyère

Fromagerie du Coteau

Caramel Gruyère

Characteristics :  An extra-hard cheese aged 30 months

Type of milk :  Cow’s milk, raw

Tasting Notes : Caramel Gruyére has bold, intense flavors and the satisfying crunch of protein crystals that you would expect to find in a cheese aged to perfection. Its uniqueness comes from the salted caramel and buttery toffee notes that are the underpinnings of this glorious aged cheese!

Serving suggestion :  Serve with a drizzle of honey to highlight the sweet notes in this salty cheese!  It is also delicious with the Myrtille Poivre Noir confiture from the Spicy Girls Kitchen.

Couic Couic

Characteristics :  A soft cheese curd, fresh and not aged

Type of milk :  Cow’s milk, thermized

Tasting Notes :  This cheese curd is made in the French-Canadian style, Fromage à Poutine.  The buttery salty smell and lactic dairy flavors are similar to Petit-Suisse or fromage frais.

Serving suggestion :   The Québécois melt this cheese over french fries as a sauce. Or you can enjoy this cheese straight out of the bag.  If you like the flavors of blueberry cheesecake, try it with the Myrtille Poivre Noir confiture from Spicy Girls Kitchen!

Engelberger Cheddar

Käserei Engelberg

Engelberger Cheddar

Characteristics :  A hard cheese aged for about 6 months

Type of milk :  Cow’s milk, thermized

Tasting Notes :  This cheese has the classic taste and texture of an aged English cheddar with the iconic color. It has a piquant personality and finishes on the palate with hints of melted butter.

Serving suggestion :  Enjoy with jammy preserves or with tart apple slices.  Lovely with the Myrtille Poivre Noir confiture from Spicy Girls Kitchen.

Join us next month as we explore down under with the New Zealand Pinot Edition!

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Delivered on Thursday, 17 February.

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