GOURMET BOX – March 2022 – International Women’s Day Edition

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We are celebrating International Women’s Day with our Gourmet Box, featuring handcrafted cheese, wine, and confiture all made by women here in Switzerland!

Sommelier and Wine Educator, Marc Checkley will be joined by Laura Paccot of Domaine de la Colombe located in La Côte (VD). Together they will unbox the March Gourmet Box and taste Laura’s De Facto 2021 – an unfiltered, naturally sparkling wine – along with the selected artisanal cheeses for this month.

Laura Paccot (30) is the 4th-generation winemaker of this much revered and internationally recognised domaine. Located on the diverse slopes of Féchy, between Lausanne and Geneva, it is a pioneer of biodynamics and a big name on the wine list of famous chefs. Laura creates the famous sophisticated crus, which are based on a long tradition, which at the same time, point to the future and craft of viticulture.

Join us for an exclusive virtual “Meet the Winemaker & LIVE unboxing” event available to Gourmet Box fans and their friends.  See you on Thursday, March 17 at 7pm on Zoom with Laura and Marc!

Exclusive Online Event – International Women’s Day Edition

Busy that night?  No worries!  We will record the event and post it on this private website. (Save this page!)

See you on the 17th for fabulous cheeses and wine!

Marc, Lhney, and Johana


Gourmet Box – March 2022

International Women’s Day Edition

De Facto 2021 (Bio)
By Laura Paccot, Domaine de la Colombe, La Côte

De Facto 2021 (Bio)

Grapes : 100% Chasselas

Wine Style :  A dry and floral wine with small soft bubbles, unfiltered and lower in alcohol. Some sediment may be present.

Characteristics :  Fresh and lively with bright acidity. Notes of elderflower, pear, and baking apples give way to doughy bread and a hint of saline. A fab conversation starter, brilliant as an apéro with perch pan-fried in herbs and butter, or an avocado and tomato salad.

Serving recommendation :  Icy cold, 8-10 degrees Celsius. Pet Nat is quite reactive so make sure the bottle is settled before uncorking.

Interesting Fact :  Legend has it that the Pet Nat/Ancestral wine method was discovered by a forgetful French shepherd. One summer, this farmer put his bottle of wine to cool in a nearby shallow mountain stream. Distracted by his flock, he forgot all about it and only found it on his return to the mountain the following summer! Upon opening, the wine foamed and fizzed with great vitality. Method Ancestral was born (and drank).

Recipe :  Langoustines in White Wine  Langoustines are poached in white wine then coated in buttery panko breadcrumbs and grilled with lemon slices.

Sécheronet Vieux

Fromagerie du Séchey, VD

Sécheronet Vieux

Characteristics :  An extra-hard cheese aged for more than 1 year and up to 2 years

Type of milk :  Cow’s milk, raw

Tasting Notes : Sécheronet Vieux is an extra-hard cheese lovingly made by hand and aged for 2 years.  It’s made in small batches from raw cow’s milk in the Jura Vaudois, more specifically the tranquil Vallée de Joux.  The cheese has grassy notes mingling with fresh hay. Bold and beautiful, it is salty, nutty. The ideal accompaniment to De Facto.

Serving suggestion :  Can be enjoyed on a charcuterie and cheese board but also lovely grated over pasta dishes.

Blue Dream

Characteristics :  A spicy, soft blue cheese made with 100% whole sheep’s milk from local pastures. Pricked by hand to streak with blue mold.

Type of milk :  Ewe’s milk, pasteurized

Tasting Notes : It is a unique Discovery to find a blue cheese made with sheep’s milk in Switzerland.  Blue Dream has the perfect name!  Its smooth, creamy dough draws you into a beautiful dream.  It has a nice tanginess that balances the creaminess that envelopes your mouth.  The blue cheese flavor is mild to medium when enjoyed young.  Perfect if you are new to blue cheeses.  However, if you are looking for stronger flavors and softer textures, let it ripen longer in your refrigerator before savoring.

Serving suggestion :  Lovely presented on an apéro platter, harmonizes beautifully with a dessert wine.



Characteristics :  An ivory-colored, semi-hard cheese made with raw, hay milk from cows and infused with hay tea.

Type of milk :  Raw cow’s milk, hay milk

Tasting Notes :  This cheese has a wide variety of unfamiliar, delicate flavors and aromas that keep you intrigued.  There are notes of hay as expected since it is made with hay milk and infused with freshly brewed hay tea.

Serving suggestion :   Enjoy at the breakfast table, at an apéro, or nestled inside a sandwich.  Best enjoyed cool or at room temperature to enjoy its full flavor.  This cheese prefers not to be heated.

Join us next month as we celebrate Earth Day!

Available to order until 31 March

Delivered on Thursday, 13 April.

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