Käserei Hungerbühler

Käserei Hungerbühler

Canton: St-Gallen

Walter and Rebecca Hungerbühler welcomed us in October in their kitchen. After a short chat, we knew part of their story! Walter, the son of a farmer, bought this cheese factory in Oberrindal 13 years ago. He started by making cow’s milk cheeses, and then slowly specialized in making sheep’s and goat’s milk cheeses. At present, he produces from 12’000 liters of goat milk per month, all year long. Indeed, goat’s milk is traditionally a seasonal material, however, the farmer who provides it has gradually made sure that his herd can produce all year round.

The tasting was improvised in the small store area, adjacent to the cheese factory. From there, we knew that the cheeses offered would undoubtedly please in this month of February!

Käserei Hungerbühler
Walter & Rebecca Hungerbühler
Oberrindal. 57
9604 Oberrindal/SG

Discover the artisanal cheeses of St-Gallen!

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