Käserei Kreuzstrasse

Käserei Kreuzstrasse

Canton: St-Gallen

Selection of the Month :  Gourmet Box December 2021

The couple Stefan and Franziska Jud-Weber took over the Kreuzstrasse cheese dairy in Degersheim, in the middle of the St. Gallen countryside, 15 years ago. Since taking over, they have continued to run the cheese dairy in the old tradition and have constantly expanded the range with new ideas and products.

To date, their range consists of 8 house specialties and the Appenzeller cheese, which won the gold medal at the Swiss Cheese Award in 2008 and the bronze medal at the World Championship Cheese Contest in 2010.

Franziska had informed us a few days before our arrival that they were experiencing some “turbulence” at the cheese dairy and that they would not have as much time as planned for us. We thanked her for making us feel so welcome. The tasting was interesting and we were able to select a few specialties that we look forward to sharing with you.

Käserei Kreuzstrasse
Chrüzstrasse 781
9113 Degersheim

Discover the artisanal cheeses of St-Gallen!

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