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We want to kick off this 2022 with a lot of freshness and flavor, so get ready to receive the January Apéro Box that brings as its guest the canton of Fribourg!

About the region

The AOC Vully appellation is spread over two different cantons, Vaud and Fribourg, and it is located next to Lake Morat; the appellation is estimated to be about 152 hectares.

This region is known for the production of Freiburger and Traminer wines made from the Freisamer and Gewürztraminer varieties which are very particular and from which the concept of “La Charte Vully” is derived.  In addition to these, we find Pinot Noir, Chasselas, Chardonnay, and others such as Gamaret, Merlot, and Pinot Gris; although it should be noted that it is a region that has many other specialties.

Thanks to the influence of the lake, this region has a moderate and airy climate, in which autumn fogs are quite frequent. The soils are generally rich in limestone. At the foot of the vineyards, deeper and heavier alluvial soils are found.

About La Cave de la Tour

La Cave de la Tour was founded in 1991 by Jean-François and Jocelyne Biolley. This winery is a family business located in Môtier, a wine-growing village on the north shore of Lake Murten. The estate is made up of 5.5 hectares of vineyards, it works under a philosophy of respect for the local fauna and flora. In addition, this winery has certified its vineyards and wines with the Bio Bourgeon Suisse label.

Triptyque Blanc “Barrique” 2020

You will undoubtedly be surprised with this wine, since, despite having passed through barrels, it retains a freshness and fruity aromas that you will love. We are talking about a blend of three very peculiar varieties: Johanniter, Seval Blanc, and Charmont.

Triptyque is a dry white wine of straw yellow color and golden rim, with a medium aromatic intensity with aromas of tropical fruits such as pineapple, mango, and yellow apple, some notes of honey, and a touch of vanilla. The palate has medium-high acidity, the tropical fruit flavors are accentuated with oxygenation, and the medium-high persistence of the flavors in your mouth will make you leave your glass completely empty!

Cheese and wine pairing

With its creamy and slightly spicy profile, the Péché Mignon Nature is a great accompaniment to this assemblage wine, which, thanks to its fruity notes, adapts perfectly and the result is a lovely sweet and sour taste! You will feel an incomparable and unique texture.

San Antonio cheese is another delicious pairing and its buttery and salty notes enhance the fruity aromas of the wine. It is definitely a perfect balance between acid and salty that will allow you to continue enjoying it for a long time and until the last bite.

We invite you to start this 2022 with lots of flavors and surrounded by the terroir of Fribourg, so don’t miss our January Apéro Box!  Join L’Atelier du Fromage in this unique experience!



Discover The Apéro Box Of January 2022!

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