How it all began…

Johana and I created L’Atelier du Fromage nearly two years ago to bring recognition to the small and mid-sized fromageries and to share their house specialties with cheeses lovers across Switzerland.  Our discoveries become your discoveries with each monthly Box.

We remember the excitement and the butterflies in our stomach when we visited the first cheese dairy.  It is hard to believe we shipped our first Box Club and Box Discovery in September 2018!

In the back of our minds, we had this amazing idea for a new Box.  However, as a Start-up, we needed to start smart and simple.  We had to make sure our core concept would be successful before expanding into new products. What a great adventure we have been on since then!

Thanks to all our loyal customers, we have been growing ever since the day we shipped our first Box!

Timing is key…

Deep down inside, we already had this idea of a new Box. However, as a Start-up, we had to start our business in a smart and simple way.  We had to make sure that our basic concept would be successful before launching new products.

It was when we were in Thurgau visiting the cheese dairies that our idea reemerged! We noticed that the local shops were selling wine from the canton.  We were intrigued because we had no idea that Thurgau was a wine region!  What a lack of culture when it comes to the Swiss-German side of Switzerland!

It was a nice discovery and the beginning of a new adventure. What a pleasure it would be to be able to marry wine and artisanal cheeses from all over Switzerland!

The Apéro Box is born!

The Apéro Box is based on our concept of tasting artisanal Swiss cheeses. Each month, our Apéro Box will combine wine with cheeses from the same canton. These wines, chosen with care, will highlight the beauty of the artisanal cheeses that we will have selected for your discovery and pleasure. Of course, not all cantons are wine producers but never mind, we will choose another we will then choose another product that will match our cheese selections. To complete this already tempting box, we will include small savory biscuits or other delicacies to share with your friends!

Preparing for launch

In preparation for the launch, we have a lot of work to do!  You will learn more over the next 3 months on Facebook and Instagram and in our monthly newsletter.

We hope to tantalize you with our new Box!

See you soon!

Lhney & Johana

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