Molki Stans

Molki Stans

Canton:  Nidwalden

Selection of the Month :  November 2021

We had visited the cheese factory of Sepp Barmettler some time ago and had proposed their cheese in one of our boxes. This time we returned because the owners have changed.
Christian Sulzberger and Axel Dippold have taken over the cheese dairy and renamed it Molki Stans. These two do not come from a long line of farmers, they have a rather atypical background. They both started their careers in completely different fields and only in their late thirties did they decide to change course and start a new chapter in their lives.
At first, they started a concept similar to ours, but then the desire to manufacture and be at the heart of the action won out. They took over Molki Stans and were able to keep the same spirit and continue to produce the specialties that we are presenting in November.

Molki Stans
Schmiedgasse 9
6370 Stans/NW

Discover the artisanal cheeses of Nidwalden!

Available to order until 31 October 2021.
Delivered on Thursday, 18 November.

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