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Spring is approaching and so are the colors and the warmth of the sun are gradually beginning to be felt everywhere. With this same warmth and joy, we bring an Apéro Box full of aromas and colors coming from the beautiful canton of Lucerne. In addition to its unparalleled views and beautiful lakes, this canton gives us a lot of flavor.  This March we invite you in to enjoy it with us.

About the region

Lucerne has 25 hectacres of vineyards that are divided into four wine sub-regions: Seetal, Vierwaldstättersee, Wiggertal and Sempachersee. In these regions alone there are more than 60 vineyards! The vineyards are generally planted around nearby lakes, which helps to regulate the temperature in the vineyards. The plots are located on steep south-facing slopes and thus benefit from a particularly favorable microclimate, which is also influenced by the foehn winds. In addition, each sub-region enjoys the benefits of the wide variety of soils that can be found such as limestone, clay, and moraine.

About J&H Südhang

J&H Südhang is a winery located in the commune of Eschenbach on an estate called Rutzigen that dates back to 1256. In addition to its sunny slopes, the winery enjoys a beautiful view stretching from the Pilatus to the Alps. Heidi and Sepp Bucher have owned this winery since 1985 and are the ones who cultivate the first wine of the region following a philosophy of terroir preservation and paying careful attention to all their processes from the vineyard to the final product.

Stegeler Red 2017

J&H Südhang brings us a great blended wine of three varieties: Cabernet Dorsa, Pinot Noir, and Dornfelder; purple in color, with a medium-high aromatic intensity of black fruits of blueberries and plum, cassis, violets, and spicy notes.  Enjoy light but perceptible tannins and medium acidity that help the balance of the wine. Without a doubt a great specimen of this canton!

Swiss Artisanal Cheese and Wine Pairing

We bring an exquisite selection of cheeses in our Apéro Box to pair with Südhang wine. The Schrattenkäse is a hard cheese, matured and with a strong profile, it goes wonderfully with this assemblage wine for its good acidity and tannins. Undoubtedly a pairing that will leave a mark in your mouth.

On the other hand, the Hexer Kohle, which in addition to its peculiar color, has a unique texture worthy of being accompanied by a wine with a black fruit profile. The combination of both textures and flavors is delightfully explosive!

If you are thinking of warmth, flavor, and delight, you are surely thinking of our March Apéro Box. Give yourself the opportunity to enjoy a spring afternoon with the flavors and aromas that Lucerne brings to you, it will be an unparalleled experience and a delight to your senses! Order it today!

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Discover The Apéro Box Of March 2022 featuring Lucerne!


Available To Order Until 28 February.
Delivered on Thursday, 17 March.

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