Behind the scenes of our road trip

July 2020, because of the pandemic, it is better to stay in Switzerland for a vacation. No problem for us! Lhney and I decided to combine business with pleasure by organizing our vacation in three different cantons, including 6 visits to cheese dairies. One week, 3 cantons, 6 cheese dairies!

The organization of this stay doesn’t take much time, the use of Booking.com, airbnb.com, and tripadvisor.com is very useful for the accommodation and the restaurants. For the activities, a few searches on Google and that’s it!

Labyrinthe Aventure

We left on Saturday, July 18th for our first stop in Evionnaz. The three girls love the Labyrinthe Aventure and have a great time all afternoon. We adults also have a nice time, it’s hot and some games are also accessible to us, we have a good laugh, especially when Jérôme tries to go through the giant spiral slide and hits himself on all sides! A bumpy ride!

At the end of the afternoon, we go up to Orsières, above Martigny to put our bags for one night at the Hotel Terminus. The table is reserved for us 6 and we enjoy ourselves. The Terminus is known far and wide – the kids get meals other than chicken nuggets and fries and that’s very nice for a change!

Sierre and the Castel de Daval

Sunday, July 19th, direction Nendaz and its middle bisse, a very nice flat walk, very easy, even for young children. It takes about 2 hours to walk there and back. Start in the village, in front of the Volg store. After an hour’s walk, it’s time to stop for a little picnic.

When we arrived in Sierre, the sun was shining so brightly that we decided to make a stopover at the lake of Géronde. Around 5 pm, it’s time to leave for the check-in at the Castel de Daval. Unfortunately, a car blocks the exit of the parking! Several people are waiting, helplessly, to leave. After some time, we manage to free our car, but not the one of Lhney! It is totally stuck behind several vehicles and it is impossible to move. We leave to proceed to the check-in, when I return, one of the cars which blocked Lhney had left, she is trying to maneuver. I arrive in time to guide it and avoid that it falls in the ditch next to the parking! What a scare!

The evening is pleasant at the Castel de Daval, the self-service wine allows us to discover one of the wines of the domain, the Païen. It’s decided, it will be our selection for our November Box!

Simplon Pass

On Monday morning, Jérôme is appointed babysitter so that Lhney and I can go to Turtman to visit our first cheese factory. A very nice visit with Michaela. The tasting of their raclette AOP is a success! We took some pictures and left for the Simplon pass. Jérôme and the girls stay at the top while we visit the cheese factory in the village of Simplon. Several tourists take advantage of being there to buy their delicious cheese.


After the visit, we are on our way to Ticino – the chosen itinerary, the Centovalli road which goes through Italy, is rather technical, but so pretty!

We stay two nights there, us in Losone in an Airbnb apartment with a swimming pool and Lhney and her daughters in a hotel in Ascona.

Val Verzasca

Tuesday morning, 21st, we leave for Val Verzasca, without knowing that this place is nicknamed the Swiss Maldives! We park the car between Motta and Ganne (be careful, the traffic is intense in summer and it is quite difficult to park). We take the 3rd entrance because Elise is still small to walk more. We bought the famous wooden balls at the Kiosk of Lavertezzo and then we continued our way until we parked. The course is wonderful, in the shade, full of poetry, and fun for the kids. Each ball course is beautifully crafted and allows the ball to roll all the way to the end without a hitch. For kids who often shy away from walking, it’s a real bonus to have so much natural fun along the way! www.bobosco.ch

Wednesday, Lhney and I leave for another valley and have an appointment to visit two cheese factories. Hedi is already on the doorstep waiting for us for an exciting visit. Luccio tells us about the second one with enthusiasm. An enriching morning!


The next stop is Thusis/GR for a night, the next day we visit the very small cheese factory of Sufers and then we leave in direction of Albula. On Friday, we drive to the edge of the Graubünden border, through the Flüelapass, and arrive in the charming village of Ftan. The roads are so winding and narrow that we wonder if we are in the right place! The region of Scuol is very wild, the mountains are vertiginous and imposing. The girls enjoy walking around the village.

Bahnmuseum Albula

On Friday, we took the time to visit the Albula railway museum in Bergün. A very interesting and child-friendly museum. To learn that a hundred years ago the construction of such masterpieces took place is simply fascinating. https://www.graubuenden.ch/fr/excursions-lieux-decouvrir/musee-ferroviaire-dalbula

Saturday morning, Lhney and I are not at all reassured while driving to the famous ski resort Samnaun (linked to Ischgl in Austria). The road is so narrow that it is not possible to pass another vehicle. I say to Lhney that in these cases, we activate our horn to warn the other vehicle of our presence, we laugh well with that!

We appreciated very much the Grisons, it is a very wild, preserved and exotic canton. A beautiful discovery for all the family.

After 8 days of greening, the time of the return at home rang. We put the car on the train in Lavin and arrived 30 minutes later in Klosters, it was nice and it allowed us to avoid the Flüelapass – certainly very bucolic but winding and dizzy sometimes!  We are looking forward to our next cheese adventure!

See you soon!

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