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Welcome to the canton of Aargau After visiting the beautiful Alps, we head to the Swiss Plateau (the least mountainous region in Switzerland) to discover the various artisanal cheeses made there. Nestled between the Jura Mountains and the Swiss Alps, the canton of Aargau has wooded hills and fertile valleys that are watered by the ... Read more


Introduction : We are always amazed at the beauty of Switzerland even in the rain.  We cannot always choose the weather when we plan our visits, but we dodge raindrops and try to capture the essence of the region through our lens. The cantons Appenzell Ausserrhoden and Appenzell Innerrhoden were green and gorgeous even though ... Read more


Welcome to the canton of Basel-Stadt As we continue our quest to find beautiful artisan cheeses in Switzerland, we challenged ourselves to find cheese made and sold in Basel-Stadt. Not only did we find it, but we're sharing something fabulous with you! Travel with us to the heart of Basel-Stadt and discover the hidden gem ... Read more


Welcome to the Canton of Bern After a short winter break, we were eager to get back on the road to discover new cheese dairies and to taste something new and incredible.  We decided for our first road trip of 2020, we would explore the western part of canton Bern.  We were lucky enough to ... Read more


Introduction : We are delighted to start L'Atelier du Fromage in the canton of Fribourg, home of Gruyère PDO and Vacherin Fribourgeois PDO. The subtle flavors of these two cheeses make them the stars of the half and half fondue. Join us as we explore this incredible canton and discover the wonderful world of artisanal ... Read more


Welcome to the canton of Glarus We were fascinated to explore Glarus because it is an old canton steeped in history and it was one of the eight founding cantons of the Old Swiss Confederacy.  It is located in central-Eastern Switzerland and it is surrounded by the cantons of St-Gallen, Schwyz, Uri, and Graubünden.  Its ... Read more


Introduction : There is no doubt that the canton of Graubünden inspired our imagination! The canton gave us some of the most remarkable views of stunning mountains and gorgeous green-blue lakes. We had the chance to share the wonder of these landscapes and the pure mountain air with our families, what a joy! Our Discoveries ... Read more


Welcome to the canton of Jura The last time we visited the canton of Jura, it was Spring 2018 when we organized our test market to see if our concept for L'Atelier du Fromage was viable.  Four years later we return to find new discoveries to delight our amazing customers! Our Discoveries in the Jura ... Read more


Welcome to the canton of Lucerne Lucerne was one of the first cantons we explored when we launched L’Atelier du Fromage two years ago. Travel with us as we continue our adventures through Central Switzerland. Our Discoveries in Lucerne AllArticleCheeseCheese CardCheese DairySelection of the MonthWineAll          Article          Cheese          Cheese Card          Cheese Dairy          Selection of the Month          Wine           APÉRO BOX – MARCH 2022 ... Read more


Welcome to the canton of Neuchâtel The canton of Neuchâtel is located in Western Switzerland also known as the Swiss Romandie.  Lake Neuchâtel offers the ideal climate for the cultivation of grapevines, and the mountainous Jura region is perfect for raising dairy cows.  It is, therefore, no surprise that Neuchâtel offers delicious wines and artisanal ... Read more


Welcome to the canton of Nidwalden We were welcomed by gorgeous sunshine and beautiful scenery as we traveled through Canton Nidwalden.  A perfect day for sightseeing – and of course, for tasting cheeses! Nidwalden shares its northern border with Lake Lucerne and is surrounded by the Urner Alps, so we knew the view would be ... Read more


Introduction Come explore the canton of Obwalden with us and discover the beautiful artisanal cheeses made in this canton. But let's start by understanding what makes Obwalden so special. Our Discoveries in Obwalden AllArticleCheeseCheese CardCheese DairySelection of the MonthWineAll          Article          Cheese          Cheese Card          Cheese Dairy          Selection of the Month          Wine           WELCOME TO THE FIRST GOURMET BOX: November 2021 EditionSELECTED BY L'ATELIER ... Read more


WELCOME TO SAINT-GALLEN As we live not far from the French border, in the canton of Neuchâtel, St-Gallen is the most distant destination to date, in search of the best artisanal cheeses.  It is exciting to bring these cheeses to the Swiss Romandie and to other cantons that have not had the opportunity to taste ... Read more


Introduction : We explored the countryside of canton Schwyz to discover the wonderful cheese dairies who are producing award-winning cheeses. While on our visit, we learned about the traditional festivals held in this historical canton.  We love connecting with people and sharing their local culture! Our Discoveries in Schwyz AllArticleCheeseCheese CardCheese DairySelection of the MonthWineAll          Article          Cheese          Cheese ... Read more


Welcome to the canton of Solothurn The canton of Solothurn is the next stop on our quest for delicious artisanal Swiss cheeses. Our Discoveries in Solothurn AllCheeseCheese DairyAll          Cheese          Cheese Dairy           DISCOVER THE ARTISANAL CHEESES OF SOLOTHURNIntroduction We discovered two exceptional cheese dairies in the canton of Solothurn that produce wonderful artisanal cheeses. Our Box for November ... Read more


Welcome to the canton of Thurgau We were excited to begin our road trip because we have never been to Thurgau.  We could not wait to discover the delicious artisanal cheeses that are hidden in this canton! Our Discoveries in Thurgau AllCheeseCheese DairyAll          Cheese          Cheese Dairy           DISCOVER THE ARTISANAL CHEESES OF THURGAUIntroduction We continue to search and ... Read more


Introduction : Our road trip across the canton of Ticino was dominated by lush green mountains and pristine blue-green lakes.  The views were simply breathtaking!  We drove very high, on winding, narrow roads nestled deep into valleys. From Valais, we crossed the Simplon Pass, took the famous Centovalli road, and finally arrived in Ticino.  From ... Read more


Welcome to the canton of Uri We were mesmerized by the steep Alps and deep valleys of canton Uri. Our travels took us through winding mountain passes with magnificent waterfalls behind hairpin turns. The scenery was breathtaking! The canton of Uri is located on the north side of the Swiss Alps and is home to ... Read more


Introduction : The canton of Valais has a long history of cheese making, deeply rooted in tradition. We knew that Valais would be an exciting canton to explore and a perfect place to continue our quest. Join us on our journey through the Swiss Alps to discover beautiful artisanal cheeses perfected over time in the ... Read more


WELCOME TO THE CANTON OF VAUD The canton of Vaud has the ideal terroir for cattle breeding where its lands stretch from the Jura mountains to the Central Plateau and the Alps. Given its long cheese-making tradition, the canton is considered a paradise for cheese lovers. It's no wonder that Vaud cheese dairies have won ... Read more


Welcome to canton Zug It was a cloudy day when we began our road trip through canton Zug, but that did not dampen our excitement to explore this region and discover their unique artisanal cheeses.  The lakes were beautiful even through the foggy mist, and the grass was the brightest shade of green despite the ... Read more


Welcome to Zurich Join us at the beginning of the year to discover the canton of Zurich. Our mission is to find delicious artisanal cheeses made and sold locally and to send them to the rest of Switzerland through our monthly boxes. But first, let's take a look at what makes Zurich so special. Our ... Read more

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