Welcome to the canton of Solothurn

The canton of Solothurn is the next stop on our quest for delicious artisanal Swiss cheeses.

Our Discoveries in Solothurn

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Introduction We discovered two exceptional cheese dairies in the canton of Solothurn that produce wonderful artisanal cheeses. Our Box for November 2018 Hoselupfkäse Käserei Reckenkien, SO Käserei Reckenkien produces several types of artisanal cheeses. Hoselupfkäse is a semi-hard cheese with a strong aroma and a delicate texture. After tasting it, we knew it was a ... Read more


Introduction While exploring the canton of Solothurn, we discovered 2 wonderful cheese dairies that make their own artisanal cheeses. Come join us on our journey! Käserei Reckenkien, SO Hans-Jörg Stoll and Josef Fluri are the master cheesemakers at the Reckenkien cheese dairy in Mümliswil. Their cheeses and yogurts are made only from local milk. There ... Read more

Overview of the Canton

Capital:  Solothurn

Land Area:  790,45 km2

Population:  269’441 inhabitants (December 2016)

Admission to the Swiss Confederation: 1481

Language:  Swiss German

Historical Facts

Solothurn (originally Salodurum) was founded as a Roman town during the reign of Emperor Tiberius (14-37 AD).
In the 16th century, the French ambassador to Switzerland had a rich and baroque influence on the city. Today, the old town of Solothurn is known as the best preserved baroque town in Switzerland.

The Magic Number 11

Visit Solothurn and you will quickly realize how special the number 11 is for this city. Solothurn was the 11th canton to join the Swiss Confederation. The city has 11 churches, 11 historical fountains, and 11 towers. St. Ursus Cathedral took 11 years to build and has 11 houses and 11 bells, as well as 11 steps. We have heard that Solothurn has a clock with only 11 hours.

The number 11 has a special meaning even today where the local beer in Solothurn is called Öufi-Bier (in English, Eleven Ale). There is a boat called Öufi-Boat and a bar called Eleven. On your next visit to Solothurn, see if you can find any other references to the Eleven.

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