January 2022 Edition:  The Unusual Suspects

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Hello Wine and Cheese Lovers!

What’s the best way to start a new year? Well, with a Gourmet Box that will intrigue your palate! We have named this edition: The “Unusual Suspects”, a rare, mysterious and exciting experience. After some intense (and tasty!) detective work, we present an ambitious and rich selection of different flavors and styles.

In this box, we want to highlight the intriguing cheeses, those that are out of the ordinary. A wine and cheeses totally unknown, the rebels of taste!

The Mysterious Elixir

White Magic is a mysterious elixir, made by Scottish winemaker (yes, you heard right!) and friend, Jamie McCulloch, from grapes grown in the hallowed vineyards of Chamoson near Sion.

Part of a trilogy, this wine is an “assemblage” of ⅓ Pinot Gris, ⅓ Pinot Blanc, and ⅓ of ancient Marsanne Blanche. Each of these grapes brings their own signature styles to the wine, which is then aged for 14 months in French Oak barrels, enhancing the complexity and marriage of the blend.

The slight salmon hue it displays is not a white wine trying to be a rosé, but rather from the light maceration of the Pinot Gris. It’s alluring, intoxicating, and magic in the glass. This is a wine that really celebrates the craft and enigmatic nature of blending.

White Magic 2018 by McCulloch Wines

White Magic 2018

McCulloch Wines
Chamoson, Valais

Grape:  Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc, Marsanne Blanche

Wine Style:  Medium dry with expressive and complex aromas. A warm, balanced finish.

Characteristics:  Pineapple, exotic fruits, coconut and butter, hints of white pepper and nutmeg

Serving recommendation:  10-12 degrees Celsius. Open 10 mins before serving.

Interesting fact:  Two decades ago, Pinot Blanc was losing favour with a number of European winemakers due to fungal disease. But climate change has given it a new lease on life, becoming popular again in many regions.

Serving Recommendations

Although an Unusual Suspect it is by no means a difficult wine to pair. Our three enchanting and mysterious cheeses in the box complement the wine perfectly. If you want to look beyond the cheese, I recommend pairing it with rich flavourful combinations, such as Tuscan Butter Salmon. Links to other exclusive recipe inspirations are provided in each box.

Take the time and let White Magic tell you its secrets. Cheese in hand of course!


Santé, Marc Checkley

Drink Moi

Artisanal Cheeses to Pair with White Magic

For the theme of our January Gourmet Box, we were challenged to find The “Unusual Suspects” of Swiss cheese. We discovered 3 artisanal cheeses that met the challenge and pair perfectly with the complex flavors of White Magic.

Gruyère Caramel from Fromagerie du Coteau in Ballaigues, while it sounds like a common Swiss cheese, the flavor profile is anything but common!  Gruyère is usually aged for 5 to 12 months, some cheeses are matured even longer to develop a stronger flavor.  Gruyère Caramel is an extra hard house specialty that is matured and lovingly nurtured for 30 months!  It has bold, intense flavors and the satisfying crunch of protein crystals that you would expect to find in a cheese aged to perfection. But its uniqueness comes from the salted caramel and buttery toffee notes that are the underpinnings of this glorious alpine cheese!

Couic Couic (pronounced “quick quick”) from Fromagerie Blanc Meyrat is produced in the French-Canadian style of cheese called Fromage à Poutine, which is essentially cheese curd. Its nickname “couic couic” comes from the squeaky sound it makes between the teeth.  This house specialty has a buttery salty smell and lactic dairy flavors that remind us of Petit-Suisse or fromage frais. This cheese can be snacked on as nuggets or melted over french fries – as the Québécois do. A Canadian specialty that is certainly not commonly found in Switzerland!

Engelberger Cheddar from Käserei Engelberg is made in the traditional English way by hand.  It also has the characteristic yellow-orange color, texture, and flavor profile that exemplifies an aged cheddar.  This cheese has a nice bold bite at the start and ends with notes of melted butter at the finish. Delicious and a unique discovery in Switzerland!

Our surprise component to the January Gourmet Box is the Myrtille Poivre Noir jam from Spicy Girls Kitchen.  Gabriela and Chiara take traditional recipes and modernize them with a spicy kick!  We love all of their jams and chose the Myrtille Poivre Noir because it paired so well with the artisanal cheeses we selected for this Box.  Bon appetite!

We hope you enjoy this epicurean experience and discover the Unusual Suspects of Swiss wine and cheese!


A collaboration between Marc Checkley – Drink Moi

and The Cheese Ladies – L’Atelier du Fromage

Discover The Gourmet Box by Drink Moi – The Unusual Suspects!

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