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The cantons of Appenzell Innerrhoden and Appenzell Ausserrhoden are celebrated for their great Appenzeller cheese, which is well-known and available across Switzerland and internationally.  We wanted to go beyond what is known to discover the unique artisanal cheeses and house specialties of the small producers in this region.  This is where we find something rare and delectable to share in our Box for March.

Urnäscher Käse, AR

We were eager to visit Urnäscher Käse because they have won numerous Swiss Cheese Awards, Word Championship Cheese Contests, and World Cheese Awards nearly every year since 2009 when the cheese dairy opened their new facility.  Paul Koller, the master cheesemaker, and his wife, Martina, welcomed us to their cheese dairy where we tasted several of these delightful specialties.

Urnaescher Käse partners with 32 farmers from the community to receive fresh raw milk daily from horned cows that graze in the nearby Appenzeller hinterland.  They maintain their long family traditions and customs, but they also create new products and stay current with technology.

Urnäscher Käse
Herisauerstr. 32
9107 Urnäsch

Berg-Käserei Gais, AR

Andreas Hinterberger, the master cheese maker of Berg-Käsersi Gais invited us in for a tour of their impressive modern facility, which has some automation in their production process.

Berg-Käsersi Gais has 60 suppliers of mountain milk from Appenzellerland and they process up to 35,000 kg of fresh milk daily.  They specialize in semi-hard mountain cheeses and raclette. About half of the cheese production is exported internationally.

Berg-Käserei Gais
Forren 22
9056 Gais

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