Welcome to the canton of Thurgau

We were excited to begin our road trip because we have never been to Thurgau.  We could not wait to discover the delicious artisanal cheeses that are hidden in this canton!

Our Discoveries in Thurgau

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Introduction We continue to search and discover new artisanal cheeses to delight your taste buds. The artisanal cheeses of the canton of Thurgau will not disappoint you! Our Box for February 2019 Hagenwiler Schloss-Chäs Käserei Müller Thurgau, TG Käserei Müller Thurgau has created the Hagenwiler Schloss-Chäs, which is very popular with the villagers. This original ... Read more


Introduction : Our travels in search of fabulous artisanal cheeses take us to the four corners of Switzerland. This month, travel with us to the northeast of Switzerland, in the canton of Thurgau, where we visit two fantastic cheese dairies. The town of Hagenwil-Amriswil is distinguished by its castle. A Swiss national heritage site and ... Read more

Overview of the Canton

Capital:  Frauenfeld

Land Area:  991,77 km2

Population:  273,801 habitants (December 2017)

Admission to the Swiss Confederation: 1803

Language:  Swiss German

Exploring the Canton

The canton of Thurgau is located in the northeast of Switzerland, between the cantons of Zurich and St. Gallen. The northern part of Thurgau shares borders with Lake Constance, the Rhine River, and Germany.

Thurgau is known for its beautiful vineyards, apple and pear orchards, and cider production. We had the opportunity to taste one of their wines, a wonderful product to pair with their artisanal cheeses.

As Thurgau is geographically located near Lake Constance, it is an ideal place for those who wish to enjoy nature. There are thousands of kilometers of hiking trails, bike paths, and a large beach. The terrain is relatively flat, making the area ideal for families. Why not plan a family trip to Thurgau and enjoy a bike ride or a walk on the theme trails (Altnau apple trail and Weinfelden wine trail).

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