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This May we take you to a canton full of history, beautiful mountains, and unique and very special flavors. We wanted to bring you closer to one of the Swiss corners with the greatest plant diversity, very warm and with a very special terroir: The Canton of Jura.  Enjoy through our Apéro Box the delights that this canton brings to you!

About the region

The vineyards of the Jura are limited to a small area just on the border with France; that is, in the northwest corner of the country, mainly in the towns of Delémont and Porrentruy. The region has a continental climate and after Ticino, it enjoys one of the warmest climates in the country and is favored by its proximity to the Doubs River.

Belonging to the French-speaking part of Switzerland, the Jura is generally classified as part of the Neuchâtel-Three Lakes region.

It is worth remembering not to confuse this region with the French Jura region, just across the mountains, where the famous “yellow wine” is produced.

The wines of the Jura are dominated by Burgundy’s flagship red grape, Pinot Noir, although Riesling is also very successful in the area, as well as a wide variety of Piwi specimens.

About Les Mergats Courfaivre

The vineyard of Les Mergats Winery is approximately 1 hectare and is located on the banks of the river “La Sorne”, in the municipality of Courfaivre. The vineyard was created between 2008 and 2009 and is today managed by Silvia Blattner. Thanks to her organic and environmentally friendly philosophy, her choice of disease-resistant grape varieties from her own nursery has proliferated very successfully and she has managed to produce very special and unique wines in the region.


Les Mergats share with us a white wine of the Sauvignac variety, considered PIWI and very peculiar, with a straw yellow color, green tones and bright. Its fresh acidity is very characteristic, and its citric and yellow apple aromas; we find lime, lemon and apple flavors, mineral and green tea notes are perceived. It is a wine with a medium persistence in the mouth and it is undoubtedly a perfect wine for this spring, very refreshing and a great choice for an afternoon at the aperitif.

Swiss Artisanal Cheese and Wine Pairing

Le Mov’li from the Association Broquest-Leuenberger is not just another tomme; Jura brings us a soft and creamy cheese with very natural and subtle aromas of the countryside that makes a delicious pairing with the Sauvignac with a citrus profile and marked acidity that helps to highlight the unctuousness in the mouth and at the same time allows us to enjoy all the flavors of the cheese. These pairings are simply infallible because they awaken our senses from the first bite and allow the evolution of flavors at all times.

Continuing with the surprises, Le Taignon de la Fromagerie Franches-Montagnes, is a more complex cheese both in flavor and texture and might seem more difficult to pair with our wine; however, the minerality of the wine helps to highlight the complexity of flavors and aromas of this cheese, its salinity and flavors are dragged by the acidity of the wine and together they create the final aftertaste: long, pleasant and unique! If you want to know more about our selection of cheeses I invite you to read Lhney and Johana’s blog!

If you don’t know Canton Jura yet, this is a great way to start: enjoying its flavors and aromas.  Order your May Apéro Box!

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