Urnäscher Milchspezialitäten

Urnäscher Milchspezialitäten

Canton:  Appenzell Ausserrhoden

The Urnäsch cheese dairy is located on the roadside, just a few steps from the start of the Säntis. Many tourists stop there to fill up on the delicious specialties. We went there in October, the weather was beautiful, a perfect day to visit this small canton with great assets.

During our visit, we selected a few cheeses for our box, but also for our family and friends. It was while tasting them with them that we realized how unique they were and how much they deserved to be known. They are Berggouda Rezent and Ginkäse, two discoveries that cannot be ignored this April!

The Urnäsch cheese dairy is constantly innovating and is full of dynamism, we will collaborate with them for an event related to fondue. Their beer fondue is simply divine!

Urnäscher Milchspezialitäten AG
Herisauerstrasse 32
9107 Urnäsch

Discover the artisanal cheeses of Appenzell Ausserrhoden!

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