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The autumn foliage was beginning to add a touch of color to the countryside. As if to let us know that it was time to plan our selection of artisanal cheese for the New Year.  We are excited about our visit to St-Gallen and the great cheese dairies we visited there.  The beautiful landscape only enhanced our experience!

Willi Schmid, SG

Bea and Willi Schmid own and operate their cheese dairy, called Willi Schmid, with love and passion for nature.  Their cheeses are seasonal and depend on the availability of fresh raw milk and the highest quality.  During the winter months when goats are not milked, there is no goat cheese to make. Similarly, in the spring, when baby animals are born and suckle their mothers, there is less milk available for cheese making.

Seasonality is important, but so is milk quality.  Willi Schmid draws his milk from cows that are fed only on grass and hay from the Toggenburg region.  He calls this milk “White Gold”. Willi Schmid uses only raw milk in the production of his cheeses, which preserves all the enzymes, proteins, fats, and natural flavors of his cheeses.  All the production of its cheeses is done by hand, in the traditional way.  This is probably why he has won many Swiss Cheese Awards and his Jersey Blue has won the World’s Best Jersey Blue Award.

Willi Schmid
Uttenwilerstrasse 2
9620 Lichtensteig

Käserei Stofel, SG

The moment we stepped into Käserei Stofel, we were warmly welcomed by Marianne Stadelmann.  Her husband Thomas was then on tour to deliver his products. Marianne took the time to answer our questions and we even had the chance to visit the entire cheese dairy and cellars with the apprentice. A team with a female majority is rare to find and they fascinated us!  The Stadelmann family are the second-generation owners of this cheese dairy.  This is the kind of family business we like to meet because their passion is their livelihood. The emphasis is on quality and excellence is reflected in their artisanal cheeses, for which the Stadelmann have won at least 9 Swiss Cheese Awards since 2001.

The cheese dairy is located in the heart of the Toggenburg region, which means the milk comes from a fertile valley about 45 km long and surrounded by majestic mountain ranges – the Säntis, the Churfirsten, and the Speer.  The 12 producers providing milk to the Stadelmann family are all ORGANIC certified, which really deserves to be highlighted.

Käserei Stofel
Stofel 872
9657 Alt St. Johann

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