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We enjoyed visiting the fromageries of canton Zug and meeting the people who are passionate about their life work. It is the most rewarding part of our job!

Chäs-Hütte Rust, ZG

Upon entering the cheese dairy, we were warmly greeted by André Rust of Chäs-Hütte Rust.  It is amazing how sharing cheese can cross any language barrier.  Lhney speaks zero German, and Johana has improved her Swiss German but some dialects are harder to understand than others.  No matter!  We laughed and connected over the stories and the delicious cheeses we tasted.  The highlight of our visit was the tour of the facility and cheese caves filled with the wheels of various artisanal cheeses at different ripening stages.

Chäs-Hütte Rust is located in central Switzerland in the pre-Alpine landscape of canton Zug. André Rust is passionate about cheese-making and he only use high-quality, silo-free milk that is sourced from the local region. He processes the raw milk in the traditional way, but he uses the latest technology.  The abundance of fresh milk inspires him to create new specialties, two of which are part of our February Box. The Tannenkäse will be presented at the upcoming Swiss Cheese Awards in Verbier.

In addition to mountain cheeses, Gruyère AOP, and fondues, Chäs-Hütte Rust produces 25 types of yogurt, butter, and cream.

Chäs-Hütte Rust
Hitnerberg 1
6318 Walchwil

Chäsladä Unterägeri, ZG

Marzell and Agnes Gwerder – Iten gave us a warm welcome to their cheese diary in Unterägeri.  From the outside, the shop looks cute and inviting with window displays of traditional Swiss culture – however, it is bigger than it appears.  The shop, which also features many other local products directly from the farm, leads to the production area located in the back of the building where they produce many types of house specialties of cheeses and other dairy products.  It is impressive to visit and see how they produce and store their cheeses – especially how they blend and package their fondues.

Chäsladä Unterägeri produces 20 tons of mountain cheese a year, only house specialties sold in the canton of Zug alone.  The names of the cheeses are given according to the places surrounding the cheese dairy – or it’s a play on words!

Chäsladä Unterägeri GmbH
Oberdorfstrasse 4
6314 Unterägeri

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