We are excited to kick off our first Gourmet Box by Drink Moi with the Altesse du Coin by Domaine de la Mermière – a limited production, boutique wine, paired with Swiss artisanal cheeses that melt perfectly!

Be sure to watch the exclusive wine tasting video hosted by our Sommelier and Wine Educator, Marc Checkley. He will share anecdotes and wine tasting notes to enhance your enjoyment of this remarkable wine from the Geneva region.

Then join us on Friday, 19 November at 19h00 at the Drink Moi Facebook page where we will be featuring this Gourmet Box.  We will be cooking, drinking and discussing Altesse du Coin, other gourmet wines and melting cheeses – streaming live!  To further the fun, the recipe is posted on the Facebook event page so you can cook with us that evening – or enjoy another time! See you there!

Bonne dégustation !

Marc, Lhney, and Johana


Gourmet Box – November 2021

Cheeses that Melt Perfectly

Altesse du Coin

Domaine de la Mermière


Grape :  100% Altesse

Wine Style :  Dry, aromatic, and expressive.

Characteristics : Punchy, rich aromas of ripe quince, peaches, and nutty earthy notes. Lush and round with a long finish.

Serving recommendation :  12-13 degrees Celsius. Open the bottle approx. 15 minutes before serving.

Interesting Fact :  Altesse is in fact an ancestor to another wine that pairs with melted cheese, Chasselas.

Nidwaldner Bratchäs

Molki Stans

Nidwaldner Bratchäs

Characteristics :  A semi-hard cheese aged 5 weeks

Type of milk :  Cow’s milk, raw

Tasting Notes : Creamy, tender, and mild, Nidwaldner Bratchäs is perfect for melting.  Bratchäs is one of the oldest cheeses in Switzerland, dating back to the Middle Ages, available only in the cantons of Obwalden and Nidwalden.

Serving suggestion :  Cozy up with friends and family with a traditional Bratchäs recipe from the heart of Central Switzerland!

Or try one of these traditional dishes.

Bratchäs Rösti :  Prepare your favorite rösti recipe.  Top with shredded Bratchäs and broil for 5 minutes or until melted and bubbly.

Bratchäs Raclette-Style :  Slice the Bratchäs and roast in your raclette grill. Pour over boiled potatoes.  Before grilling, try topping with diced ham or brined green peppercorns for spice!  Bon appétit!

Raclette Weisswein

Seiler Käse AG

Raclette Weisswein

Characteristics :  A semi-hard cheese aged 4 months, infused with Chasselas

Type of milk :  Cow’s milk, pasteurized

Tasting Notes :  The taste of the wine is subtle which gives this raclette a wonderful taste.

Serving suggestion :  This Baked Polenta with Raclette Cheese is warm and comforting out of the oven and it has a beautiful presentation on the dinner table.

Raclette Geräuchert

Seiler Käseri

Raclette Geräuchert

Characteristics :  A semi-hard cheese aged 3 to 4 months, carefully smoked in the small village butchery Bieri in Schangnau.

Type of milk :  Cow’s milk, pasteurized

Tasting Notes :  The smoky aromas and flavors are perfect for grilled raclette.

Serving suggestion :  These Chicken Tortillas with Raclette prepared with the Seiler’s smoked raclette elevates this dish!

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Delivered on Thursday, 16 December.

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