We have a delightful selection of artisanal cheeses that we discovered on our road trip through canton Nidwalden.  Our Apéro Box for November features two specialties – one that is bold, nutty, and complex and one that is tender, mild and creamy.  Both pair beautifully with the Cabernet Jura Blanc de Noir from Weingut Tellen.  We can hardly wait to share them with you!


Apéro Box – November 2021

Artisanal Cheeses from Canton Nidwalden


Käserei Bürg


Characteristics :  A hard cheese aged 7 to 8 months

Type of milk :  Cow’s milk, thermized

Tasting Notes :  Naturzauber is bold, complex, and attractive with an intensity that can tickle your tongue. Its aged hard character is softened by round flavors of nuts and a hint of smokiness. We also detected flavors that reminded us of dried sweet onion.  A truly complex cheese with a long finish.

Serving suggestion :  We love to tame this intense specialty with a medium-body, Cabernet Jura Blanc de Noir by Tellen.  The fruity notes of this wine bring out the hidden sweetness of this bold cheese.


Characteristics :  A white, washed rind, semi-hard cheese aged 4 to 5 months

Type of milk :  Cow’s milk, thermized

Tasting Notes :  Charme is a local favorite that brings a smile to your face.  It has a tender, creamy texture and offers notes of grass and hay mingling with dairy flavors

Serving suggestion :  We love this cheese paired with a medium-body, Cabernet Jura Blanc de Noir by Tellen.  The intense notes of exotic fruits and melon on the nose marry beautifully with this tender cheese.

Cabernet Jura Blanc de Noir

Weingut Tellen

Canton: Obwalden

Cabernet Jura Blanc de Noir

Grapes :  Cabernet Jura

Origin :  AOC Obwalden

Vintage :  2019

Wine Style :  A medium-high aromatic intensity, aromas of exotic fruits, high acidity with flavors of peach, grapefruit, and melon a hint of red fruits. Medium body wine with a medium-long persistence.

Serving suggestion :  Enjoy as an aperitif, with fish, sushi, fresh vegetables, or salads. It can be paired as well with tender meat like grilled chicken accompanied with a tropical dressing.

Box :  Apéro

Visiting the cheese dairies of Nidwalden

Our favorite part of our job is visiting the cheese dairies and meeting the cheesemakers and their employees.  This time we were surprised!  We grilled raclette outside the cheese dairy and savored it inside the cheese caves!  An amazing experience that we will never forget!

Käserei Burg

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